Dinsdale Press is an indie publisher and a division of Dynamic Canvas Inc. In late 2020, Canadian speculative fiction author and Prix Aurora Award nominated editor Cait Gordon envisioned taking the plunge into self-publishing in 2021. While she adores her current publisher, Renaissance, she also thought she’d dip her toe into the indie author realm, thereby becoming a “hybrid” author.

Current plans are to publish a rewrite of Cait’s unpublished first novel, The Groovy and Way Out Misadventures of Captain Catt Roan, in celebration of over 30 years of sobriety. Catt Roan is an alcoholic running from her past, and the author felt she wanted to inject an own-voices view into this protagonist.

Also on the horizon is the first (of hopefully more) of the Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups series, called Ranger of the Sea. This is a little mermaid fairy story with a different twist—several of the characters, including the protagonist have conditions, states, or disabilities. Cait wanted an empowering story where these characters just are. There are no “cure” tropes here!

Branching off into a new part of the business during a pandemic is… well, let’s hope not a misadventure. Here’s to plunging in!

About Cait Gordon

ID: Cait Gordon headshot. She's wearing a black shirt, her hair is silver and past her shoulders, and she's standing in front of an Asian artp iece against a beige wall.

Cait Gordon is a Canadian autistic and disabled author of speculative fiction that celebrates the reality of diversity. Her short story, The Hilltop Gathering (We Shall Be Monsters, ed. Derek Newman-Stille), features a disabled protagonist and was discussed at a symposium about Frankenstein at Carleton University. Cait also joined Talia C. Johnson to co-edit Nothing Without Us, which was taught at a disability studies course at Trent University and earned a Prix Aurora Award nomination. When not arranging words, Cait advocates for disability representation and is the founder of the Spoonie Authors Network. She lives in Ottawa with her husband, Bruce.